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The Curtains Open On Doncasters New Dancewear Superstore - DanceETC

So here it is, a new month, a new season, a few new grey hairs and a brand new dance superstore. Dance-ETCs journey has taken a sharp right off the single carriageway and onto the dance super highway. Whilst never forgetting our roots, DanceETC™ has taken a step into the international dance seen; we’ve evolved!

DanceETC store

The thing about evolving though, it tends to happen over generations, naturally. This transformation was far from natural. Daniel and his team have managed to plan, fit, saw, drill, carry… cry a bit, cry a bit more and paint there way into the new store, just under 2000 of toe tapping square foot in less than 3 months. It’s only two doors down he said!! ! Always having the latest and highest quality dance wear is a mantra of DanceETC™s but we just didn't have enough wall space to show you it. We do now! Expect even more of our industry leading products ready and waiting for you to dance them off the shelves. Are all these products making your feet twitchy? Well don’t bottle it up, come and have a dance on our brand new stage, show us your skills, test out your new dance sneakers or just have a wiggle, we’ll be upset if you don’t!

DanceETC dance shop


The attention to detail is on another level. No seriously, another level. If Daniel says it’s not straight, you had better go and buy yourself a new spirit level, because its broken! His OCD like tendencies have tested a few of his team but his love for the product and industry is apparent, streamlining the way you buy and customise your dance wear. DanceETC™ has a beefed up printing area, a design your dance wear station, an extra fitting room ( with extra room to twirl in your tutu ) and a cellar. There’s nothing really interesting to say about the cellar though.! ! We have done our best to give you the best and nothing less. Come and have a look for yourselves as we truly believe you’ll love the new Dance-ETC experience. We hope to be part of your dancing careers and our expert team will continue to offer you the highest level of service. Under our shiny new lights!

We couldn’t have done it without you. Or the Tesco trolley. (Dont ask)

See you soon

From the DanceETC™ Team

And its a GOLD for DanceETC™
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This is Pandr's selection of bodywear. We carefully select products from all over the world but we do pride ourselves on having a strong selection that is Made in the UK. The Pandr dancewear range is all 100% designed and manufactured in the UK.

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